Schools, Students Stay Connected During Pandemic

You are all inspiring! During this unprecedented and challenging time for our world, our country, our communities and our schools, the remarkable ways you reach out to your students, parents and communities is effective, creative and so caring. Through YouTube, FaceTime and Zoom, your love for your students and education communities is evident in everthing you do. Whether through a virtual Marauder Fest 2020 fundraiser at Clearwater Central Catholic High School (CCCHS) in Florida; a collection of desperately needed personal protective equipment (PPE) for Toledo medical communities by NDA Toledo; the embrace of creative learning environments like St. Peter Catholic School in North Ridgeville, Ohio and Julie Billiart Akron, Ohio; or the virtual celebration of spirit week at Julie Billiart School in Lyndhurst, Ohio, you found a way to connect with your students to help normalize a very scary and uncertain time. You also eased the fears for your families by sharing information on food, shelter, childcare and senior services, to name a few. In spite of the challenges of distance learning, your dedication to excellence ensures strong academics and support for your education communities. We celebrate you!

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(above) St. Peter students engage in e-learning

(above) Julie Billiart Akron teachers use Zoom to stay connected

(above) La Reina Principal Maggie Marschner and President Tony Guevara host a virtual staff meeting.

NDA Toledo President, Kim Grilliot, says a prayer over PPE that the school community collected for Toledo area medical facilities.