Ohio Regional Meeting of Schools with a SND heritage

April 26th: St. Wendelin Church/School, Fostoria, OH

April 27th: St. Michael Church/School, Independence, OH

The 2015 June inaugural National Education Summit served as a great starting point for educators to explore educational themes and initiatives that flow from the SND Educational Vision and Principles, and to celebrate Catholic education outcomes together. Building on the success of the Summit we are beginning to deliver a series of regional programs where local school leadership can gather to pursue additional topics of shared interest. The first in the series is set to begin April 26th and April 27th in two northwest and northeast Ohio locations.


Schools with roots to the SND have a good handle on how to deliver academic excellence. A solid curriculum and strong faith-based foundation keeps administrators, teachers and students focused on education as means for enriching students’ lives. It’s the business of managing a school in the face of changing demographics and religious beliefs and practices that creates hurdles and headwinds for administrators. Linked with the SND Educational Principle focused on “Education as Transformation” school principals and their colleagues will have an opportunity to meet in April and:

  • Strengthen their case for “Why Catholic education NOW” using data on the Catholic school outcomes and frame an actionable marketing plan that reaches families interested in high student achievement and a foundation in Gospel values.
  • Delve into resources available to SND Education Partnership members.
  • Connect and share with other Partnership school leaders in the Ohio region.

Jay Gould, a national expert on enrollment management and revenue strategies for Catholic organizations, will lead the working, results-oriented meeting designed to help with the viability and sustainability of schools, along with a business and marketing plan approach needed to move forward.

If you are an Ohio school leader interested in joining us, please call the SND National Education Office at 440.279.1102 or email us at office@snded.org.