*New* SND National Network Awards Program for all Ministries

The SND National Network Awards Program is designed to formally recognize and celebrate the outstanding contributions of employees and/or volunteers in the SND National Network in witness to the mission, vision and charism of the Sisters of Notre Dame.  The National Education Office, under the guidance of the Education Advisory Council, refreshed the three awards presented during the 2018 National Education Summit.  All employees and volunteers of sponsored and affiliated ministries are eligible.  Award recipients will receive a 1.25″ celebratory pin (pictured above) and a certificate of recognition.  Additionally, their name will be listed among previous award recipients in the SND National Network Award book, which will be housed at the motherhouse in Rome. The awards, to be recognized annually, include:

  • Transformative Leadership Award recognizes individuals who inspire hope and excellence as they lead others to a fuller, freer life. As catalysts for growth, award recipients inspire hearts and transform lives of those with whom they minister.  Nominees for the Transformative Leadership Award demonstrate vision, mission effectiveness and have exceptional, inspirational impact in relation to themselves, God, others, and/or creation.
  • Gospel Witness Award recognizes those who give witness to Jesus’ spirit of compassion, hope and joy, especially to those who experience poverty in its various forms. Nominees for the Gospel Witness Award should reflect and nurture the Notre Dame charism, spirit and mission within their professional communities and among all they minister.
  • Father Bernard Overberg “Teacher of Teachers” Award recognizes educators that honor Father Bernard Overberg’s legacy as a teacher of teachers. Father Overberg’s work had a profound impact on the educational vision and practices of the Sisters of Notre Dame.  Nominees for this award demonstrate exceptional, inspirational impact on the formation and professional learning of teachers.


Nominations are being accepted until March 31, 2020.  The award recipients will be announced to the network on May 4, 2020.  Please visit www.snded.org/national-awards for full award descriptions as well as information on how to submit a nomination.