New and “Nearly New” Leaders Gather for Retreat

The Sisters of Notre Dame, the staff of the National Education Office and members of the Education Advisory Council welcomed “new” and “relatively new” lead administrators to the Bethany Center in Chardon, OH for a retreat centered on issues relevant to leaders of SND Sponsored Schools and Centers. Gathering together for the first time, the group brought a wealth of experience and expertise to the table:

  • Lilliam Paetzold, President, Notre Dame Academy Schools, Los Angeles, CA
  • Tony Guevara, Head of School, La Reina High School and Middle School, Thousand Oaks, CA
  • Kim Grilliot, President, Notre Dame Academy, Toledo, OH
  • Sarah Cullum, Principal, Notre Dame Academy, Toledo, OH
  • Michael Bates, President, Notre Dame Schools, Chardon, OH
  • Paul Miller, Director, Notre Dame Urban Education Center, Covington, KY
  • Jason Wojnicz, Principal, Julie Billiart School, Akron, OH
  • Jack VonHandorf, Principal, Notre Dame Academy, Park Hills, KY
  • Lynn Cherry, Assistant Principal, Lial Catholic School, Whitehouse, OH

A very full agenda included guest speakers who facilitated discussions on a number of important topics:

Sponsorship, Governance and Leadership: Laura Koehl & Lee Cotugno

  • Essential Elements
  •  Model now and SND/USA
  • Discussion

Leadership in Relationship: Lee Cotugno, Laura Koehl, Kim Grilliot

Voices of Experience …

  • Board Chair
  • President/Head
  • Principal

Board-President/Head Partnership: Laura Koehl, Lee Cotugno, Lannie Davis-Frecker

  • Best Practices
  • Communication
  • Discussion                          

SND Charism and Heritage: Sr. Lisa Novak

Leadership in Action ….

What’s in your backpack?: Matt Heersche

  • Transition: opportunities and challenges
  • Succession planning – now?
  • Healthy leadership
  • Expectations and Entitlements

The Bernard Overberg Story: Sr. Margaret Gorman

Overberg Today: Teacher Development: Joe Waler

With many of the guests visiting northeast Ohio for the first time, quick trips to Notre Dame Cathedral Latin School, Notre Dame Elementary School, Julie Billiart School in Lyndhurst, and Notre Dame College provided an opportunity to see educational excellence and innovation in action. A tour of the Chapel in the Chardon Provincial Center included experiencing art created by a number of the Sisters that adds beauty to the holy space. Mother Nature came through with spectacular fall weather – something she teases Chardon with before the infamous winters come to town!

Pictured above: Sarah Cullum, Matt Heersche, Kim Grilliot, Tony Guevara, Lee Cotugno, Jack VonHandorf, Lilliam Paetzold, Michael Bates, Jason Wojnicz, Paul Miller, Sr. Mary Frances Taymans, Lisa Canterbury and Lynn Cherry.