About Us

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The Staff with the 2018 Education Advisory Council: (front) Sr. Sally Huston, Sr. Mary Frances Taymans, Nancy Coonis, Sr. Rebekah Kennedy, (back) Lisa Canterbury, Jane Meier, Rich Havel, Kim Grilliot, Rich Hoyt, Laura Koehl, Joe Waler, Michael Bates, Paula Aveni

Our Mission

Rooted in the mission of Jesus, the SND National Education Office provides direction and support to sponsored and affiliated ministries in advancing the Educational Vision & Principles of the Sisters of Notre Dame.

Our Vision

The vision of the SND National Education Office is to ensure greater accountability across the sponsored educational ministries in the U.S. to sustain and further the educational legacy of the Sisters of Notre Dame. We serve as the coordinating agent for promoting and maintaining the standards of a Sisters of Notre Dame sponsored and affiliated educational ministry.

The Partnership

The SND Partnership consists of 14 Sponsored schools and centers (below) and 32 Affiliated schools and centers serving over 16,000 students in 6 states plus Washington D.C.  We service students in early childhood through college.  Read more about the Education Partnership HERE.