Happy birthday Metro Catholic School! Thirty years “young” and delivering on their mission – big-time

It was 1988 and three inner-city Cleveland, Ohio elementary schools with long histories were at a turning point. Merge or ….?  Thankfully, under the wise insight and courage of three Sisters of Notre Dame a new history began with the combination of St. Boniface, St. Michael and St. Stephen into “Metro Catholic School”.

Sr. Regina Davala, Sr. Virginia Reesing and Sr. Grace Corbett led the merger charge and are now celebrating the school’s 30th birthday. A “National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence”, a “National Green Ribbon School” and a member of “National Schools That Can” Metro Catholic serves 540 students on two campus locations.

Metro Catholic is the only Cleveland Catholic elementary school with extensive programs to assist immigrant and refugee students and help those with cognitive learning disabilities. A diverse student population from 14 different countries joins together each school day with an incredibly gifted, committed team of teachers and administrators. The results are simply amazing.

Happy birthday Metro Catholic. Here’s to another thirty years of “Empowering Dreams’ and changing lives!

pictured left to right: Sr. Regina Davala, Sr. Virginia Reesing, Sr. Grace Corbett