Affiliated Membership

Affiliated Schools are those parish or independent ministries that are or were once staffed by SND. Because of their history, SND Educational Principles have permeated the school mission and continue to be part of it.

Benefits of Affiliated Membership

  • SND Education Office Website:
    • Yearly Passwords to members-only sections given with membership renewal
    • Access to on-line news and Notes; on-line sharing
    • Access to prayer services, etc. online for printing
    • Access to other resources for SND History and Heritage, SND Educational Vision & Principles
  • Eligible to give Distinguished Graduate Award
  • Ability to order materials from Office as available
  • One yearly presentation re: SND Education Office staff to a group determined by school (faculty or parents or other)
  • Certificate of yearly affiliation for posting
  • Authorization to list: “SND National Education Partnership” with school credentials & memberships
  • Orientation of new administrative leadership to SND education when changes occur
  • Prayers and support of worldwide network of Notre Dame educators and Sisters of Notre Dame

Additional Benefits for Additional Costs

  • Additional presentations/in-services on SND Educational Vision & Principles for other groups
  • Assistance with board or other school group development and/or evaluation
  • Assistance with administrative personnel search

Expectations of Affiliation

  • Yearly in-house review/in-service with faculty and staff on SND Educational Vision & Principles
  • Integration of SND History and/or Heritage and Educational Vision & Principles in school documents and on school website
  • Certificate of affiliation posted in a prominent place
  • Visible signs of Sisters of Notre Dame within the school
  • Presentation of the Distinguished Graduate Award made by a Sister of Notre Dame (if possible)



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