St. Francis School Celebrates New SND Heritage Wall

St. Francis School, located on the near east side of Cleveland, is a remarkable example of a SND Affiliated School keeping the SND Charism alive and thriving!  St. Francis School opened in 1887, the day after St. Francis Parish opened, and has been sharing the SND educational mission with students ever since.  What started with two German sisters welcoming over 100 children from nearby farms has evolved into a modern day school providing a “total education.”

Sr. Karen Somerville says, “We are so proud to be an SND affiliated school.  Three SND’s are still on staff, in this vibrant inner city school welcoming the 220 students each day.   God’s goodness and provident care has kept our mission alive.  We are blessed!   This wall proclaims the SND principles of education to all who enter our building.”