Sponsored Membership

Sponsored Schools, Institutions and other ministries are those ministries which the Sisters of Notre Dame founded and at one time owned and operated. They are now separately incorporated with Governing Boards on which SND is represented. The SND Charism, Educational Vision & Principles are a significant part of their mission.

Benefits & Services

  • Through SND Education Website, www.snded.org, access to members-only sections for:
    • Online news and notes; online sharing
    • Prayer services
    • Other resources on SND History & Heritage, SND Educational Vision & Principles
  • Networking opportunities across various roles (e.g. religion dept. chairs, campus ministers, financial officers)
  • School-specific presentations, especially on Charism and SND Educational Vision & Principles
  • Orientation of new board members
  • Leadership and governance consultation
  • Prayers & support of worldwide network of Notre Dame educators and Sisters of Notre Dame
  • Board and chief administrator online assessment processes

Contract Services

Members can contract with the office for additional services including leadership searches, strategic planning, survey research and reporting.

Expectations of Sponsorship

  • Yearly in-house review/in-service with faculty and staff on SND Educational Vision & Principles 
  • Integration of SND History, Heritage and Educational Vision & Principles in school documents & on the school website
  • Certificate of sponsored membership posted in a prominent place
  • Listing “SND National Education Partnership” with school credentials and memberships
  • Visible signs of Sisters of Notre Dame within the school
  • Distinguished Graduate Award presented annually by a Sister of Notre Dame



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