NDA Park Hills Opens “Mary, Mother of the World” Chapel

From a April 22, 2019 letter from NDA Park Hills President, Laura Koehl:

God’s goodness certainly abounds in our school each and every day. The faith formation of our students is central to the holistic Notre Dame Academy education and is infused throughout our daily, weekly and annual events. This was ever apparent in recent weeks as we formally opened our new Mary, Mother of the World Chapel. Following a beautiful and memorable Chapel Blessing on March 30, we have celebrated many Lenten prayer services and activities in the new chapel including our first ever all class Mass with our seniors on April 12. It is so gratifying as Catholic educators to see young women in the chapel in quiet prayer, saying the rosary and celebrating Mass with our NDA community. It is equally gratifying to share this new space with our many alumnae who visit NDA throughout the year, including nearly 150 who attended our annual Alumnae Dinner theater last week. We are thankful this Easter season for our new sacred space, the heart of our school, that promises to make a difference in the lives of so many in our NDA community.

Our chapel is also a tribute to our heritage as a school founded and sponsored by the Sisters of Notre Dame. As you may know, the sisters are facing the challenges of an aging population in their community. As they move forward with the national leadership model of SND-USA and make plans for the future of St. Joseph Heights, we are working closely with them to ensure their ongoing legacy at NDA as well as in our local community. A significant component of this is our consideration of ways in which NDA could eventually integrate St. Joseph Heights as part of our campus following SND-USA in 2020. At this point, a task force of our board is collaborating with the sisters to study the feasibility of NDA’s management of St. Joseph Heights and opportunities this would present to ensure the future of NDA, the first ministry of the SND Covington Province. It is important for our NDA community to understand that the launch of SND-USA does not impact our sponsorship by the sisters in any way. Notre Dame Academy remains a school sponsored by the Sisters of Notre Dame and recognized as such as part of the Covington Diocesan system of schools. We are blessed with a rich heritage rooted in the charism of the Sisters of Notre Dame and NDA’s tradition of excellence in education will continue for years to come.

– Dr. Laura Koehl