Rooted in the mission of Jesus, the SND National Education Office provides direction and support to sponsored and affiliated ministries in advancing the Educational Vision & Principles of the Sisters of Notre Dame.

National Office

Our Mission

Rooted in the mission of Jesus, the SND National Education Office
provides direction and support to sponsored and affiliated ministries
in advancing the Educational Vision & Principles of the Sisters of Notre Dame.

Our Vision and Strategic Priorities 2015 - 2018

The vision of the SND National Education Office is to ensure greater accountability across the sponsored educational ministries in the U.S. to sustain and further the educational legacy of the Sisters of Notre Dame. We serve as the coordinating agent for promoting and maintaining the standards of a Sisters of Notre Dame sponsored and affiliated educational ministry. This will be achieved by implementing the following Strategic Priorities:

I.  Strengthen the SND and SND National Education Partnership relations through initiatives framed in Gospel context.

  • Identify and broker networking opportunities nationally with constituency groups, and internationally, as appropriate.
  • Establish, maintain and communicate the mission critical nature of education as a core SND ministry and priority.
  • Identify and promote standards that characterize SND sponsored and affiliated educational ministries.
  • Pursue partnerships and collaborations that add vigor and value to school programs, and extend international understanding and connection with SND educational ministries.

II.  Provide formation opportunities for board leadership and members, administrators, and educators.

  • Create and provide board formation and best practice tools.
  • Develop a Charism network of persons who would provide appropriate local and regional support for boards, administrators and educators.
  • Support leadership succession planning processes in schools that request assistance.
  • Create resources that embody and extend Charism, heritage, Educational Vision and Principles in the 21st Century for the professional development of administrators, faculty and staff.


III.  Collaborate with SND Provincial Leadership and the SND/USA Steering Committee in bringing the SND National Education Office forward into SND/USA.

  • Articulate the SND/NEO mission in the context of sponsorship, leadership and authority.
  • Create and map an organizational structure to best support mission.
  • Provide input to SND Provincial leadership and the SND/USA steering committee as discussions pertinent to the SND/NEO mission and function evolve.

IV.  Create a five year business plan to support and sustain the SND National Education Office direction and initiatives.

  • Prioritize strategic initiatives that best support SND educational ministries in the context of SND/USA.
  • Determine an assessment plan and fee structure for annual dues.
  • Align budget to adequately staff and sustain SND/NEO functions.
  • Seek appropriate grant and other third source funding.

Staff Contacts

Sr. Mary Frances Taymans

Director of SND
National Education Office

Lisa Canterbury

Program Director
National Education Office

Advisory Council Members

Nancy Coonis

Executive Director
Western Catholic Ed'n Association
Los Angeles, CA

Karen Poelking

VP Board & Community Relations

Notre Dame College

South Euclid, OH

Dr. Michael Bates

Notre Dame Schools
Chardon, OH

Richard Havel

 Board Member
Notre Dame Academy
Los Angeles, CA

Richard Hoyt

St. Agnes School
Fort Wright, KY

Sr. Sally Huston, SND

St. John School
Ashtabula, OH

Laura Koehl

Notre Dame Academy
Park Hills, KY

Joseph Waler

Notre Dame - Cathedral Latin HS
Chardon, OH

Jane Meier

Board Member
Notre Dame Academy
Park Hills, KY

Kim Grillot


Notre Dame Academy

Toledo, OH

John Venturella

Clearwater Central Catholic High School
Clearwater, FL

Sr. Mary Frances Taymans, SND


SND National Education Office
Chardon, OH

Pictured left-to-right: EAC members Rich Hoyt, John Venturella, Karen Poelking, Sr. Katherine Feely (former member) Laura Koehl, Michael Bates, Rich Havel, Kim Grilliot, Nancy Coonis, Jane Meier, Joe Waler, Sr. Sally Huston, Sr. Mary Frances Taymans

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