Kindergartners – Protectors of God’s Gifts

SND California Province Associate Candidate Caroline Waltman recently shared this practical Earth Day project.

Her kindergarten students at St. Mary Magdalen School in Camarillo are one of Pope Francis’ Creation Care teams, acting as protectors of God’s gifts.  They are also bringing awareness of Catholic teachings on climate change to their school community and families. The picture below is one student’s idea of protecting creation by recycling.

SMM in CA Earth DayThe class will become responsible consumers as they study what happens to the waste they create once it disappears into a trash can.  Their goal is to protect and care for the world by recycling and composting.  By composting, they will divert as much as 30% of the school’s waste from the landfill.   The students are also discovering the value of recycling items no longer in use, such as toys, books and office supplies.   These items are being given to Sr. Cristina Marie Buczkowski for an after school educational program for children.

The St. Mary Magdalen students are learning life-long lessons as they act on Pope Francis’ words, “All who believe in God and all people of good will have an obligation to take steps to mitigate climate change, clean the land and the seas and start treating all of creation, including poor people, with respect and concern.”

Many thanks to our colleagues in California for sharing this wonderful story!