Gospel Witness Award

WHAT:  This award recognizes employees or volunteers in the SND national network who give witness to Jesus’ spirit of compassion, hope, and joy, especially to those who experience poverty in its various forms.

WHO:  Award recipients reflect and nurture the Notre Dame Charism, spirit and mission within their professional communities and among all with whom they minister.

WHEN:  The award recipient(s) will be announced to the network on the first Monday in May.  The presentation of the award to the award recipient is at the discretion of each ministry.

HOW:  Each sponsored and affiliated ministry is eligible to submit up to three (3) nominations annually for this award. Please note the following rules and guidelines:

  • Any employee or volunteer of the SND national network may submit a nomination.
  • Valid nominations consist of a completed nomination form endorsed by a member of the ministry’s administration, as well as a narrative of 250 words or less on why the nominee deserves the award.
  • The completed form and narrative can be submitted to the office by mail, e-mail or through our website. Further instructions can be found on the nomination form.
  • Files on nominees will be kept active for three (3) years, after which the candidate must either be renominated with an updated file, or the file will be closed.
  • There is no minimum or maximum for the number of awards given. We do not wish to place a cap on awarding those who passionately demonstrate the qualities outlined in the Gospel Witness Award.
  • All nominations, including those on file, will be reviewed in April by a national nominations committee.
  • Nominations must be received by March 31 for consideration in that year’s award recipient announcement.
  • A master list of all award recipients will be kept in a book at the SND Motherhouse in Rome, similar to the Distinguished Graduate Award. The list will also be kept on the SND National Education Office website.
  • Awards and certificates will be shipped to each ministry with an award recipient by the first Friday in May. The cost of the award, certificate and shipping with be covered by the SND National Sponsorship and Network Office and is considered a benefit of membership in the SND Network.
  • Nominations are confidential and all award nomination materials are confidential.

Gospel Witness Award Recipients

2021 Award Recipients

Mr. Scott Kay - Theology Teacher, Notre Dame Academy (Toledo, OH)

Mr. Chris McClurg - Chief Financial Officer, St. Claire HealthCare (Morehead, KY)

Mr. Tom Richmond - Teacher, Notre Dame Academy (Park Hills, KY)

Mr. Chad Ribordy - Religion Department Chair, La Reina High School and Middle School (Thousand Oaks, CA)

Sr. Mary Seton Schlather - Teacher, Cleveland Central Catholic High School (Cleveland, OH)

Sr. Karen Somerville - Past Principal, St. Francis School (Cleveland, OH)

Sr. Mary Barbara Soplata - Enrichment Teacher, Notre Dame Elementary School (Chardon, OH)

Ms. Betsy Ward - Assistant Head of School for Mission, Notre Dame Academy (Los Angeles, CA)

2018 Award Recipients

Ms. Jane Andrews - Art Teacher, Metro Catholic School (Cleveland, OH)

Ms. Pat Genovese - Kinder Teacher & Lower School Director, Notre Dame Academy Elementary School (Los Angeles, CA)

Ms. Michele Johnson - Religion Department Chair; Religion and Psychology Teacher, Notre Dame Academy (Park Hills, KY)

Ms. Marcia Pecek - Mathematics Department Chair & Math Teacher, Notre Dame - Cathedral Latin School (Chardon, OH)