Rooted in the mission of Jesus, the SND National Education Office provides direction and support to sponsored and affiliated ministries in advancing the Educational Vision & Principles of the Sisters of Notre Dame.

Education USA

Across the United States

SND sponsored educational ministries include three early childhood/pre-schools, four elementary, five secondary, Notre Dame College and five centers offering special educational services to children and adults—bringing the Good News and the transformative power of education to new generations.

In the United States, currently 38 elementary and high schools are affiliated members of the Partnership. Affiliated schools embrace the SND Educational Vision & Principles in the context of their mission and philosophy of education. The Sponsored and Affiliated schools and centers span across the United States.

Schools that have a past or present connection with the Sisters of Notre Dame who want to continue to educate according to the SND Educational Vision & Principles are invited to join the SND National Education Partnership.

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Supported Institutions

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