Rooted in the mission of Jesus, the SND National Education Office provides direction and support to sponsored and affiliated ministries in advancing the Educational Vision & Principles of the Sisters of Notre Dame.

2018 SND National Education Summit

2018 Save the Date Summit FlyerExtend your stay!

Back in the 1940’s Cleveland, Ohio was dubbed “The Best Location in the Nation” thanks to a song performed by Les Adair with the Vic Stuart Combo. A lot has changed in the intervening decades but we firmly believe Cleveland is still a wonderful place to live and work. So while you are in town for the Summit, consider extending your stay to enjoy the great galleries, museums, parks, music, shopping and wonderful restaurants of the best location in the nation!

The “This is Cleveland” website (link below) has dozens of ideas on what to see, do and eat. Notre Dame College is about 20 miles east of the center of downtown Cleveland. We’ve included maps of the downtown area and nearby neighborhoods to help you get your bearings and plot your visit. Happy exploring!!!

Click HERE for a map of downtown Cleveland               Click HERE for a map of Cleveland’s neighborhood’s

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