Rooted in the mission of Jesus, the SND National Education Office provides direction and support to sponsored and affiliated ministries in advancing the Educational Vision & Principles of the Sisters of Notre Dame.

Foundation Day, October 1st

September 26, 2016

Gracious God, on this special day of remembrance, we give you thanks that the foundation of the Coesfeld Sisters of Notre Dame created 166 years ago by Hilligonde and Elizabeth holds strong and firm. We celebrate with joy the sisters who have followed in their footsteps and spread the message of your grace from Germany…

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Fascinating story of a nun with very interesting hobbies!

    We featured an excerpt of a very interesting story about Sr. Theresa Sharp in our August issue of Partnership News. Click below for the full story that was carried in on August 9, 2016. She’s not your average nun!    Click HERE for the full article  

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Sr Theres 2 inch

“It was our Lady's humility which rendered her pleasing to God and made her the means of salvation for the whole human race.”

-St. Julie Billiart  (July 12, 1751 —  April 8, 1816)



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Toledo-area new Board Leadership

A warm “welcome!” to all of the individuals who have graciously accepted an invitation to join the Board of Trustees of a SND sponsored school or educational ministry. Board members provide a critical support system to the leaders of our schools and centers – bringing priceless experiences, skills and knowledge to the table. Each year,…

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